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In September/October 2015, Kev became the first person in history to swim the longest river in the UK, the River Severn, from its source in Mid Wales, 220 miles to Severn beach. That's the equivalent of 10 English Channel swims or over 14,000 lengths of a 25m pool. He did this over the course of 31 days.


He faced hypothermic temperature water, sharp debris, treacherous undercurrents, whirlpools, parasites, pollution and large boat traffic not to mention the physical toil of swimming 7/8 miles per day. He mainly camped on the river bank assisted by his support team on stand-up paddleboards. 

During this feat, Kev raised over £18,000 for a local boy, Archie, who was born with cerebal palsy. The funds raised enabled Archie to fly out to America for surgery to help him walk.


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Adventurer, SUP Coach & River Guide

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